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Florida attorney counsels individuals filing for bankruptcy

A Floridian has likely sought advice from many people throughout his or her life. From seeking advice from a colleague regarding a business matter or a friend about a personal matter, another's perspective can be helpful, encouraging and illuminating. When a Floridian is considering bankruptcy, he or she may find that legal advice regarding bankruptcy can offer the same positive benefits.

Will there be a 341 meeting after my bankruptcy filing?

When a Floridian files for bankruptcy, he or she sets into motion a number of actions. A bankruptcy court will review the petition and ultimately make a decision on the filing. Some or all of a debtor's debts will likely be resolved at the conclusion of a filing. In the interim, however, a number of steps must occur before the resolution of debts. One of those steps is what is known as a 341 meeting.

Bankruptcy attorney helps Floridians with Chapter 7 filings

A Floridian facing overwhelming personal debt may feel that he is at the end of his rope. Potentially facing incessant creditor harassment and personal stress about his financial situation, a debtor may feel overwhelmed. For some, considering bankruptcy may at first bring additional stresses and questions to mind. As this blog reported in a previous post, Floridians considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be wondering what property they will be able to keep, and what property they might lose, if they file for bankruptcy.

Will my property be exempt under Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy in Florida can present many potential concerns and questions for a Florida resident. Bankruptcy can provide welcome relief from what may seem to be overwhelming debts and creditors, but debtors may wonder what they will lose in the process. It is true that in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor will have to relinquish certain property to an appointed bankruptcy trustee. But, it is important to note that a debtor does not have to relinquish all property, as some property will be exempt.

Florida residents may choose to pursue reaffirmation agreements

Bankruptcy is a method through which a person who is facing financial challenges can overcome those challenges by making a fresh start. Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Florida resident may aim to stop creditor harassment and obtain debt relief. There are situations that may arise, however, in which a person does not want to discharge a specific debt, but instead wants to retain that responsibility to a creditor and pay off the debt.

Supreme Court decision affects Florida mortgage rights

A recent Supreme Court decision stemming from two Florida cases will affect the rights of those homeowners with a second mortgage who declare bankruptcy. The case, considered a victory for the banks, deals a tough blow to homeowners with a second mortgage. The Court ruled that even if a debtor owes more on his or her home than the home is worth, the bankruptcy filing will not void the second mortgage.

Debtor education and credit counseling in Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When it comes to filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debtors in Florida need to do more than fill out the required forms and paperwork. Debtors must also complete a credit counseling session prior to filing for bankruptcy and a post-filing debtor education course.

Talking about Chapter 7 and liquidation

Having to file for bankruptcy is not something that people in Orange County, Florida, really want to do. To get to the point where bankruptcy is an option means that the debt is no longer manageable. Not being able to manage your debt without outside assistance is not only a scary proposition for a lot of folks, but it can also be nerve-racking because there are a lot of unknowns. Depending on the amount of debt that you are facing, your options may or may not include filing for bankruptcy. Once you enter the world of bankruptcy, there are a number of rules and regulations that you have to follow.

Figuring out if a chapter 7 filing is for you

The worst part about being in severe debt is the harassing phone calls from creditors as if to remind you every single day of your life that you are in debt. These collection attempts can be extremely stressful. Finding ways to eliminate your debt is by far the best solution to putting a stop to creditor harassment.