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Debt collectors prohibited from harassing Florida consumers

A Florida debtor may be under a tremendous amount of stress. Debt collectors may add to that stress with unwarranted, and sometimes illegal, behavior. Fortunately, debtors are protected from certain behavior by debt collectors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A debtor who is preparing for bankruptcy may find it helpful to be aware of his or her rights under the FDCPA with regard to debt collectors and their practices.

Florida attorney aids clients with financial challenges

Floridians may have heard the expression "knowledge is power," and this expression can certainly prove true for those Floridians who are facing financial challenges or preparing for bankruptcy. Many questions can arise as a person considers the possibility of asset forfeiture or other demands that stem from personal or business financial struggles.

Florida debtors have options in handling debt collectors

A Floridian facing mounting debt has likely encountered his share of debt collectors. He may be behind on his bills due to financial challenges beyond his control, and the persistence of debt collectors may be frustrating for a debtor who is trying to determine how best to tackle his current financial situation. Whether a Floridian is preparing for bankruptcy or not, it can help to have some strategies and knowledge about how to handle communications with debt collectors.

Will repossession of my Florida assets affect my taxes?

Financial challenges or unemployment likely present a very stressful time for Florida residents suffering from these experiences. Floridians may be facing the threat of repossession of their assets or wondering if they should be considering entering the bankruptcy process, and wondering how these changes may affect other aspects of their lives.

Attorney aids Floridians facing asset forfeiture, bankruptcy

Choosing to move forward with a bankruptcy filing is a major decision in a Floridian's life. Making that important choice may feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Beginning the bankruptcy process can feel like a fresh start, despite the challenges that may lie ahead.

Bankruptcy can halt collection by debt collectors

Debt collectors and bankruptcy often go hand-in-hand. Likely, if a Florida resident is considering a bankruptcy filing, that person has reached the point where he or she has missed payments on particular assets and is receiving calls from debt collectors. These calls may serve as one motivating factor to decide to proceed with a bankruptcy filing.

Does asset forfeiture include repossession?

It is always difficult to lose something that you have purchased. It is even more difficult when something you've purchased is taken from you because you cannot afford it anymore. That is basically the definition of asset forfeiture, a common concern for those facing financial challenges in Orlando.

Working with creditors to stop vehicle repossession

When Florida residents deal with financial problems, they tend to focus on ways to alleviate debt or obtain a fresh financial start. There can also be a fear of asset forfeiture. If a consumer fails to make payments on an automobile lease or loan, they could face vehicle repossession. Those currently dealing with automobile repossession, or those who fear that they could have their car repossessed, should understand how they could stop repossession.

Is Burt Reynolds preparing for bankruptcy?

For Orlando residents who occasionally spot celebrities in town, the lifestyle of the rich and famous can look appealing and downright fun. With lots of cash and possessions on hand it can appear that celebrities have no reason to have any concerns in the world. This is not always the case, however, and one popular celebrity may currently be facing financial troubles of his own.