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Bankruptcy attorney helps Floridians with Chapter 7 filings

A Floridian facing overwhelming personal debt may feel that he is at the end of his rope. Potentially facing incessant creditor harassment and personal stress about his financial situation, a debtor may feel overwhelmed. For some, considering bankruptcy may at first bring additional stresses and questions to mind. As this blog reported in a previous post, Floridians considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be wondering what property they will be able to keep, and what property they might lose, if they file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy attorney James H. Monroe recognizes that, oftentimes, tough situations and personal struggles lead many Floridians to a point in their lives at which they are considering bankruptcy. He knows that bankruptcy can appear daunting for some Floridians, posing numerous questions about how the process works and what may be involved.

Fortunately, James H. Monroe has 30 years of experience guiding Floridians through bankruptcy and to brighter futures. He will work with clients who have found themselves facing mounting debt, often due to circumstances beyond their control, to take control of their financial futures. He will carefully explore the steps necessary to pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, whether for an individual or a business, and help clients throughout the process. He can assist clients who might desire a mortgage modification or who need assistance to stop wage garnishment.

For a family or business owner to have an advocate who can provide guidance in what is often a stressful time can prove invaluable. For additional information about the Chapter 7 process, you can visit his webpage.

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