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Attorney aids Floridians facing asset forfeiture, bankruptcy

Choosing to move forward with a bankruptcy filing is a major decision in a Floridian's life. Making that important choice may feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Beginning the bankruptcy process can feel like a fresh start, despite the challenges that may lie ahead.

One positive change that may result from a person's decision to declare bankruptcy is that a bankruptcy filing can mean the end to unwanted calls from debt collectors, as this blog reported in a previous post. Similarly, if a Florida resident has been undergoing wage garnishment or has been fearful of possible asset forfeiture, a bankruptcy filing may help ease some of these fears. The unknowns can be one of the most difficult aspects for a debtor prior to filing bankruptcy. Will I lose my home? Will a creditor take my car?

Discussing any potential questions you may have with an experienced bankruptcy attorney such as James H. Monroe, who has over 30 years of legal experience, can help ease some of these fears. He can help clients itemize their monthly living expenses, identify their income sources and list assets, all of which will be necessary if a person intends to file for bankruptcy. It can seem daunting to have to compile so much information, plus the details of any major financial transactions in the previous two years, but having experienced counsel to help individuals manage the process and answer questions along the way can be immensely beneficial.

Additional information about the bankruptcy process in Florida, including information regarding what type of bankruptcy might be right for you, is available on our bankruptcy process web page.

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