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July 2015 Archives

Home auction ordered after David Cassidy's bankruptcy filing

Bankruptcy can be a trying time for any Florida resident. It means a reorganization of debts and often a reduction of one's assets. David Cassidy, famously known for starring in the television show "The Partridge Family," and subsequently garnering teen idol status as a pop music star in the 1970s, is facing the upcoming auction of his Florida home in September following a bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy can halt collection by debt collectors

Debt collectors and bankruptcy often go hand-in-hand. Likely, if a Florida resident is considering a bankruptcy filing, that person has reached the point where he or she has missed payments on particular assets and is receiving calls from debt collectors. These calls may serve as one motivating factor to decide to proceed with a bankruptcy filing.

Do I have the option to reorganize my Florida business?

Starting a business takes a lot of hard work. From hiring staff to finding the right location, a Florida business owner has no shortage of steps to take to get a business up and running. Keeping a business running successfully is another task entirely. From paying bills to dealing with unforeseen emergencies, Orlando business owners may face many hurdles that present financial challenges.

Florida attorney helps clients claim bankruptcy exemptions

Florida bankruptcy is a tool through which a person or business can start over financially. By going through a court-sanctioned process that allows a person or business to eliminate or reorganize debt, a person may have the opportunity for a fresh financial start in Florida.