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Consider Chapter 7 if you are struggling with personal debt

Life costs money. Money to live, eat, learn and thrive. Sometimes those living expenses can outweigh the incoming cash flow. This can lead to what is known as debt. Debt can absolutely bury you and weigh you down financially, emotionally and mentally. There is a possibility for relief from this heavy burden. The relief comes in the form of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is a way to legally discharge your debts and make then forgiven. In exchange for this financial freedom, sometimes non-exempt assets will need to be forfeited and the profits from these distributed among the creditors. What is considered exempt and non-exempt assets will vary from person to person. Not all Chapter 7 cases will see a forfeiture of assets.

Often the largest asset a person or couple owns is a home. Often in Florida, the home can be saved and is not an asset that will be forfeited to creditors. Attorney James H. Monroe is located in Orlando, Florida, and has over 30 years of bankruptcy experience. He will use the many years of experience and knowledge to guide you steadfastly through bankruptcy proceedings and negotiations. From start to finish, Monroe will work to navigate a smooth transition from debt into a fresh start.

It is important to keep your chin up during this transitional period in your financial life. Bankruptcy is a real and legitimate option for those suffering from large amounts of unmanageable debt. Do not underestimate the help a legal professional can offer during this difficult time. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a personal debt solution that can set those struggling from debt on the right path for financial success.

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