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February 2015 Archives

Is Chapter 13 the right filing for me?

Many Americans are often looking to find ways to manage their finances. There are a plethora of ways to do this depending on how you want to go about it. For some, managing money and handling debt is as simple as making a budget and sticking with it. For others, however, more forceful measures are required to get the debt under control. Since the goal is to be debt free or as close to debt free as possible, finding ways that allow you to do this efficiently and effectively is key.

Another clothing store is looking to bankruptcy for assistance

There are various types of bankruptcy filings that can be utilized by individuals or by companies. Depending on what the end game is with respect to filing for bankruptcy will dictate which filing is most appropriate. Some bankruptcies are for debt reorganization purposes in order to give time for financial matters to reconcile themselves. While other types of filings wipe the debt completely away. Filing is intended to give the filer a fresh financial start in that most of the debts will be wiped clean. Even with that being said, some debts stay in place and are still the responsibility of the debtor.

RadioShack in Florida and throughout the US files for Chapter 11

There are various types of bankruptcies that a company that is seeking this as a financial solution can apply for. Depending on what the company is looking to do in filing for bankruptcy, will go a long way in determining which bankruptcy option is most appropriate. Businesses file for bankruptcy because financially the business has fallen on hard times. If the business wants to cut its losses and close up shop, then the bankruptcy filing that is necessary is one where the assets of the business are liquidated to pay off the creditors and the like. Another business bankruptcy option is to file with the hopes of financially reorganizing the business so that the business can continue.

Working with creditors to stop vehicle repossession

When Florida residents deal with financial problems, they tend to focus on ways to alleviate debt or obtain a fresh financial start. There can also be a fear of asset forfeiture. If a consumer fails to make payments on an automobile lease or loan, they could face vehicle repossession. Those currently dealing with automobile repossession, or those who fear that they could have their car repossessed, should understand how they could stop repossession.