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November 2014 Archives

Florida casino cruise boat is bankrupt

A beautiful blue-and-white boat in Florida goes by the name of Island Breeze II, and it is a casino cruise boat; customers can take a ride on the ocean and gamble all at the same time. However, the chief executive officer of the company that runs the operation has recently revealed that the company is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Debt discharged in bankruptcy may still be showing up on reports

One of biggest advantages of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the discharge of most or all unsecured debt. This means that credit card bills, medical bills and other debts (which may or may not have gone to collections) can be forgiven. Once the process is completed, filers will have no legal obligation to pay back discharged debts.

Taking the time to recover after filing for business bankruptcy

When a person suffers an illness or injury, treating the problem is only the first step toward health. After the problem is treated, the body takes time to recover and heal. The same could be said for businesses.