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October 2014 Archives

All I have to give: Backstreet Boys reach settlement in creator’s bankruptcy case

Florida readers who pay attention to celebrity news may have heard that the Backstreet Boys recently reached a settlement in the ongoing bankruptcy case of the band’s creator, Lou Pearlman, who was found guilty of laundering money from bands he helped create. Pearlman’s bankruptcy case has been going on for some time, having been filed before his arrest.

The problems that lead to major medical debt and bankruptcy

While America has some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world, access to healthcare is still a struggle for many Americans. Hospital billing practices are unpredictable and irregular. And because of this, we may end up getting charged a lot more than we thought we would despite having medical insurance.

Olympic gold medalist bravely starts over in bankruptcy

Starting over can be difficult to do. Sometimes, individuals are forced to start over after divorce or the death of a spouse. Sometimes, starting over means moving to a new state away from friends and family. And sometimes, starting over means filing for bankruptcy – discharging your debts and beginning to rebuild your finances.

Bankruptcy ahead: What are the warning signs?

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not always straightforward. Understanding how you got into debt in the first place may help you decide the best way to get out of it. Was your debt the result of a medical emergency, a job loss or some other unforeseeable event? Or was it the cumulative result of spending habits that were perhaps unsustainable?