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Factors to consider when hiring a bankruptcy attorney

If you have decided that filing for bankruptcy is the right thing to do for yourself or your business, you are already well on your way toward freedom from debt. One of the most significant difficulties many people face is simply overcoming the stigma that is too often associated with bankruptcy.

You can technically file for bankruptcy “pro se” (without an attorney), but doing so tends to be risky and difficult for a number of reasons. Therefore, the next logical step is to hire an attorney to represent you. How do you go about choosing the right attorney for you?

Because individuals pursuing bankruptcy are already in serious debt, some make the mistake of only looking at cost when choosing an attorney. Cost is important, to be sure, but it is just one of many factors you will need to weigh. Others include specialization, experience and personal compatibility.

Bankruptcy law is complex, which means you’ll want to hire an attorney or firm specializing in bankruptcy law. Depending on your needs, the attorney should be well versed in personal bankruptcy as well as business bankruptcy.

Experience also counts. How long has this attorney been practicing? Has the firm been around long enough to establish a community presence and a reputation for excellence?

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you and your attorney can work together compatibly. This doesn’t mean you need to be friends, but you should at least feel comfortable talking with him or her and be able to trust that your attorney has your best interests in mind. Money and debt might be embarrassing to discuss with friends and family, but you should feel comfortable speaking frankly with your attorney.

Hiring the right attorney can significantly impact your bankruptcy experience and outcome. If you live in Florida and want to know more about the bankruptcy process, please feel free to visit our website.

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