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September 2014 Archives

Large number of Americans now experiencing wage garnishment

Wage garnishment can be devastating to anyone who is in debt and already has a difficult time making ends meet. Just how much creditors are allowed to take from your paychecks depends on where you live. In about 21 states, debtors only receive the federal minimum amount of protection, which means that up to 25 percent of their take-home pay can be garnished.

Factors to consider when hiring a bankruptcy attorney

If you have decided that filing for bankruptcy is the right thing to do for yourself or your business, you are already well on your way toward freedom from debt. One of the most significant difficulties many people face is simply overcoming the stigma that is too often associated with bankruptcy.

Many Americans admit to being in a financially unstable situation

Maintaining financial health can be quite the balancing act. We are told we need to save for retirement, have an emergency fund and have enough left over to pay bills and maybe buy a few luxury items. For most Americans, this kind of balance simply is not possible.