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December 2012 Archives

News site predicts the fall of some brands in 2013

With tomorrow marking the first day of 2013, some wonder what the next year will look like in terms of bankruptcies among brands. Who will make it and who will not are some of the common questions consumers have going into the new year.

How to avoid credit card debt during this time next year

Just how should one use their credit card over the holiday season? This is one question many Florida residents are asking themselves after putting themselves in significant debt from buying gifts this year.

Walla Walla Gardners Association files for Chapter 7

Bankruptcy touches everyone in some way whether you are going through it yourself or a company that you know is going through it. Last week it was announced that the Walla Walla Gardners Association closed its doors and are looking to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Foreclosure activity in Florida increases

Many Florida residents know the feeling of their heart sinking when they receive a foreclosure notice. In many cases, these residents have lived in their homes for years and cannot picture having to give it up. However, while receiving a foreclosure notice is surely a frustrating and stressful time, those receiving these in Florida should know they are certainly not alone.

Florida business files for Chapter 11 after credit cut off

In many cases businesses have to rely on credit to survive. This is why when credit is denied -- or suddenly taken away -- a business can end up in a tough financial situation unable to continue to operate the same way.

Worried about credit card debt around the holidays?

The holidays: While for many the days are filled with family traditions and building memories, for others the entire season is just stressful as they wonder how in the world they are ever going to pay for the gifts they charged this year.

Florida widows stuck in confusing nature of foreclosures

We've all heard the horror stories of trying to avoid foreclosure and obtain a loan modification. There have been complaints of lenders messing up forms, homeowners being asked for the same paperwork from several times by different representatives, and phone calls not being returned. In fact, many of these complaints even led to a $26 billion settlement between five of the largest mortgage servicers in the U.S.

South Florida bankruptcies drop as holiday season ramps up

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Miami released some promising statistics about the financial state of South Florida: bankruptcies in the area fell roughly 10 percent in November compared to October. Officials say the decline in personal bankruptcies is due to the holiday season, and that a decline can be expected in December as well.

Student loan debt burden increases across the U.S.

While the economy is certainly better than it was at the end of 2007 when the financial crisis really hit the U.S., times are still tough for many Florida residents, especially those who are struggling to pay back student loans. In fact, when it comes to delinquency rates, failure to make payments is more of a problem with student loans than it is with credit card debt.


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