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March 2011 Archives

Florida based company files for bankruptcy protection

In a weakened company many businesses throughout the state of Florida are struggling, including GeoPharma Inc. Just last week the company even decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with the hope of reorganizing debts.

Lenders may be required to reduce mortgage principal balances

Many Florida homeowners are currently facing - or soon will be facing - foreclosure. In many of these cases there are options available, including attempting to obtain a mortgage modification, which can be particularly helpful to those who are "underwater" on a home mortgage.

Consolidation and other tips for paying off credit card debt

Recent reports have indicated that millions of Americans are overburdened with debt. Car loans and mortgages tend to be the most common; however plenty of people also need to make monthly payments on student loans and multiple credit cards.

Florida homeowners struggle with underwater mortgages

Many Florida homeowners are finding themselves in tough situations. They bought homes in 2005 and 2006 that were once deemed to be good investments, but now those homes have drastically decreased in value. This has resulted in many people owing more than the actual value of their homes, but not being able to qualify for a mortgage modification.

Foreclosure decrease may be due to mortgage modifications

The number of foreclosures filed by Florida homeowners has decreased within the last year. And while many might look at this as a good sign of the economic times, others are pointing to the decrease being in part to banks changing their practices, and more homeowners actually qualifying for loan modifications.

Consolidation may help with student loans

It's engrained in many people's minds: graduate from high school, go to college, earn a degree and get out in the working world. But what not everyone immediately talks about is just how much college really does cost, and just how much student loan debt a person is going to have to pay back after graduating.

Seniors report high levels of debt after retirement

Between credit card payments and co-signing on now defaulted loans, more and more seniors are finding themselves in dire straits when it comes to their financial future. And with these debts just mounting, many are wondering how to even get some debt relief to get out of it in the first place, and then how to make sure that they are never in the same situation again.


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