Creating A Will In Florida

Wills can be fairly simple legal instruments that allow individuals to decide who will receive which of their assets. A will gives you control over what happens to your estate after you pass on, and keeps your estate from being divided according to the State's intestacy statutes.

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Why You Should Have A Will

A will tells your beneficiaries and the court system how you wish your assets to be distributed. Without writing a will, your estate will be distributed according to the intestacy laws of Florida. In order to strictly comply with the intestacy statutes, the judge may order your assets disbursed to relatives you would not have chosen to get your property.

A will also gives you the chance to designate someone to be in charge of handling the distribution of your estate — an "executor" or "personal representative." This can be a trusted family member or an attorney.

Wills Have Limitations

In comparison to creating a living trust, however, wills have some disadvantages. Your assets will be distributed according to your will, but that distribution must take place in probate court. Your asset distribution will then become a part of the public record. A trust helps you ensure privacy for your family.

In addition, wills make no provision for the timing of asset distribution. All assets are disbursed immediately at the probate court hearing. A trust allows you to have your assets distributed over time, in increments.

Start Planning Your Estate

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