Is A Loan Workout Right For You?

The economic downturn has had a negative effect on commercial and residential properties. If you are a business owner or a homeowner upside down on your mortgage, you may feel overwhelmed. The law office of Lewis & Monroe, PLLC is committed to helping you maintain your property through a loan workout.

For more than 30 years, James Monroe of our law firm has represented business owners and homeowners seeking debt relief. Mr. Monroe is a skilled negotiator prepared to strike a deal with your lender through restructuring your debts or creating a loan workout.

Mr. Monroe will demonstrate your ability to repay the loan and help you achieve favorable terms, without putting your house or business in jeopardy. Contact our law firm today to discuss if a loan modification is the right option for you to pursue.

Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosures

The financial industry is inundated with requests from homeowners to modify their mortgage. A sharp increase has caused the banks to struggle in keeping up with the requests. Enlist the help of an experienced debt relief attorney to help you take the right steps in getting the creditors or lenders to listen.

Lawyer James H. Monroe has handled loan workouts long before the subprime mortgage crisis hit Central Florida. He is a seasoned professional who knows how to effectively negotiate a loan workout. Mr. Monroe is prepared to try to convince a lender to reduce the loan rate, reduce the monthly payments or modify other terms of the loan. He will also try to help you qualify for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) or other loan modification programs available through the bank or federal government.

Representing Business Owners With Debt Concerns

If you are a business owner, Mr. Monroe will determine the right debt relief solution based on the nature of your debts and the structure of your company. He will evaluate your situation to understand if a loan workout would be a viable solution. Mr. Monroe is also available to help you liquidate any assets or restructure your debts.

In some circumstances, filing for bankruptcy is the best option for businesses. Mr. Monroe will work with you to try to help you maintain your business through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We also recommend Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy for small-business owners who can file individually and thereby avoid losing their business through Chapter 7 business bankruptcy.

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