Helping Individuals In Orlando Find Debt Relief

Are you no longer able to deal with your mounting debt? Are you having income tax issues? Are you afraid your lender might be ready to foreclose on your home? If so, you may be facing consumer bankruptcy. You do not need to face this alone. At the law office of Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, we can help you get on your way to debt relief.

Don't Understand Bankruptcy? Don't Worry.

Trying to get the information you need about bankruptcy can be a confusing and overwhelming process. If you are facing credit card debt, the last thing you need is the added stress of trying to decipher this complicated system. You need an experienced lawyer who understands the steps. With over 30 years combined of practice as bankruptcy attorneys, James H. Monroe and Cynthia Lewis can help.

The Facts About Debt Relief

Consumer bankruptcy is a fact-driven practice, so make sure you have a lawyer who knows the law. It is possible to stop the foreclosure of your home. It is possible to have your income taxes discharged. James H. Monroe and Cynthia Lewis will help you understand how Central Florida's bankruptcy system can work for you:

  • Chapter 7: If you are below a certain income level and seek a forgiveness of all your debts, then you will want to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is often the best option for individuals with a lot of business debts. People who file for Chapter 7 may only retain a limited number of assets, but they will receive full debt discharge.
  • Chapter 13: People facing foreclosure, income tax problems or those with a higher than median income level will most likely file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. In this circumstance, the individuals will face a restructuring of their debts, which will allow them to maintain the assets they wish to keep.
  • Student loan debt: Student loans are one of the leading causes of debt in the United States. If you are struggling to make your loan payments, bankruptcy may offer some relief. If your loans are causing undue hardship, you may be able to eliminate them through bankruptcy. Other debt relief options may also be available.
  • Student Loan Solutions: Federally backed student loan problems can be handled administratively or occasionally in conjunction with the bankruptcy process. Navigating through the different types of student loans and repayment plan options can be daunting. Dealing with student loan defaults, administrative garnishment, seizure of tax refunds, deductions from social security benefits and other remedies imposed by law can be difficult for people unfamiliar with the process to understand. Let our firm help you to determine if you can cure defaults, rehabilitate the loans, set up payment plans, or discharge the debt.

Contact A Central Florida Debt-Relief Attorney

Whether you are looking for a restructure or a complete forgiveness of your debts, we can help you determine the best course of action for your needs. At the Orlando office of Lewis & Monroe, PLLC, we have the experience you need to help you file for bankruptcy efficiently and effectively. Email us today for a free initial office consultation or call 407-917-4147.