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November 2010 Archives

Security Checkpoint Expedition Service Emerges From Bankruptcy

Holiday travelers may be excited to hear that Clear, a service to expedite registered travelers through security checkpoints relaunched at Orlando International Airport last week. A previous incarnation of the service - Verified Identity Pass - had been available back in 2005 before the owner was forced to declare bankruptcy and cease operations at 23 airport locations throughout the country.Clear currently operates exclusively at Orlando International - opening soon in Denver - and charges its' subscribers $179 per year to receive priority treatment at all security checkpoints. The service relies on the submission of a subscriber's fingerprints and iris scans in order to process low-risk travelers extremely quickly at security checkpoints.

Florida Woman Claims Company Violated Her Rights Using Facebook

Back on November 5th, we discussed how creditors have begun to use Facebook to keep track of and contact debtors. Today, we are going to talk about how this very issue will soon be addressed by Florida courts.