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Living Trusts

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A living trust is not something you create for yourself. Rather, you create it for your family, knowing that when you pass away, it will allow you to disperse your assets in the way that's best for them and to make their lives easier by averting the burdensome probate process.

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Avoiding Probate with Revocable Trusts

With a trust, you leave instructions regarding not only which assets will go to whom, but also how those assets are to be distributed. If you only write a will, then your assets will be distributed to your chosen beneficiaries in probate court — a fully public process. Revocable trusts allow the family privacy and control of the assets while paying debts and disbursing assets to the beneficiaries.

In addition, a living trust gives you control over when your assets will be distributed. Rather than having your assets disbursed to beneficiaries immediately in probate court, you can choose to have your assets held in a trust and disbursed in increments over time.

Finally, assets are usually distributed faster, smoother and easier when the decedent has left a living trust. This is because you already have a plan in place, and the beneficiaries only need to follow the instructions. Without a trust, it is necessary to determine how to distribute the assets.

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