How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy?

Most people file bankruptcy after a catastrophic event such as a sudden illness, a failed business, job loss or divorce. Others find that credit card spending simply gets out of control. Regardless of how you found yourself in debt, the fact is that you don't have any money to spare. You may be worried that you don't even have enough to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

At the Orlando office of James H. Monroe, P.A., we know that you are probably wondering, "How much does bankruptcy cost?" Can you even afford to file? We understand your financial concerns. Here are a few important things to know about the cost:

Our fees can be tailored to your situation. The filing fee for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is several hundred dollars. Attorney fees are in addition to that. However, our lawyers' fees are on a sliding scale and can be adjusted according to our clients' unique situations. In every case, our goal is to provide effective and affordable legal services.

It's well worth it in the long run. To file bankruptcy is to invest in your financial future. Yes, it costs some money upfront, but it can potentially save you a considerable amount down the road. Bankruptcy may help you:

  • Save your home from foreclosure
  • Protect your car from repossession
  • Erase credit card debt and medical debt
  • Start fresh and rebuild your credit score

Beware of offers that are too good to be true. While you may see online advertisements stating "Bankruptcy petitions for only $99" or touting similar offers, be aware that you will likely be working with a petition preparer, not an attorney.

Essentially, a petition preparer types your information into a court form. However, he or she is not allowed to provide legal advice. This means you won't gain the benefit of legal counsel that is uniquely tailored to your situation. You may miss out on valuable opportunities to erase more of your debt, keep more of your property or otherwise gain stronger financial footing. Don't take this risk. Consult one of the board-certified bankruptcy lawyers at our firm for the comprehensive legal advice you need.

It costs you nothing to learn about your options. To learn more about the costs of filing bankruptcy — and the benefits — call James H. Monroe, P.A., at 407-917-4147 or contact us by email to set up a free initial consultation at our Orlando office. We are here to help.